Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Graphics for Math

I have just listed these bright and colourful graphics that might help you with your next K-2  math resource. Click above to find them at TpT. 24 graphics in the set!

I needed a project for this evening that didn't require too much creative energy - I think the sun zapped all my energy today. What a lovely day my daughter and I had in my sister's pool. My little-Miss-4 has come such a long way. She is now splashing and floating about with such confidence. Not "swimming" yet, but she has come so far. I have resisted taking her to formal swimming lessons so far, as I know her so well, and knew it would be little more than a scream-fest.  A friend gave me some great advice about real authentic experience in a pool rather than scheduled "lessons". Although I can see the wonderful benefits of lessons for some children, I have to say, it would not have worked for my daughter! I was so proud of her today. On a totally different thread, does anyone know if you can feel a baby with the hiccups when you are pregnant? I have had crazy weird little thumps in my tummy all day today, not as big as kicks...what a strange feeling!

I hope you have had a great day too :)

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Tricia said...

Just found my way to your site and wanted to say thank you for sharing so many wonderful resources. I make and share things with my preservice teachers and your materials will allow me to create some lovely things for them. At the end of the semester I give away the math resources I create so that they each have something to take to student teaching and their new classrooms.

As to the hiccups, YES! You can feel them. My son had them all the time, particularly during the last two months. They can be quite severe. You'll actually feel your stomach jump!

Good luck with the baby and thanks again!