Graphics for Math

I have just listed these bright and colourful graphics that might help you with your next K-2  math resource. Click above to find them at TpT. 24 graphics in the set!

I needed a project for this evening that didn't require too much creative energy - I think the sun zapped all my energy today. What a lovely day my daughter and I had in my sister's pool. My little-Miss-4 has come such a long way. She is now splashing and floating about with such confidence. Not "swimming" yet, but she has come so far. I have resisted taking her to formal swimming lessons so far, as I know her so well, and knew it would be little more than a scream-fest.  A friend gave me some great advice about real authentic experience in a pool rather than scheduled "lessons". Although I can see the wonderful benefits of lessons for some children, I have to say, it would not have worked for my daughter! I was so proud of her today. On a totally different thread, does anyone know if you can feel a baby with the hiccups when you are pregnant? I have had crazy weird little thumps in my tummy all day today, not as big as kicks...what a strange feeling!

I hope you have had a great day too :)