Friday, 22 April 2011

Bunny Makes Ten

I played our new game BUNNY MAKES TEN with my 4 year old as a special Good Friday treat this morning - she loved it! Especially at the end when she got to sample the chocolate eggs.

You could play this game in your classroom with counters or little fluffy craft chicks that you buy from the dollar store!

Roll the die and add your eggs or counters!

Who will get to ten first? Remember to record the numbers you rolled that added up to ten!
Click here to find our new game in our TeacherspayTeachers store!


Two Interactive Activities for Hundreds Chart

I am really enjoying using these two interactives on my Smartboard

Splat Squares is great for talking about numbers and number patterns on the hundreds chart

Give the dog a bone is an exciting game to help children remember numbers and number order on the hundreds chart - I even love to play!