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What a crazy few weeks! I am so happy to be on summer holiday break and rest ready for a wonderful 2012! I have been blessed in so many ways this year, and I am hoping next year can be just as wonderful.

I am going to say prayers over the holiday season, that people in schools across the globe remember the real reasons for our schools.
I am going to pray that those in positions of power, use their ability to influence people and change in the right ways. I am going to pray that the people managing public schools remember that they are managing public money and that they have a huge responsibility to see that every decision that is made in schools is made with the children and effective running of the school in mind.  How wonderful could it be, if that really happened!

I am going to pray that I can continue to be blessed with some wonderful, inspirational and kind colleagues. I want to pray that the other colleagues keep challenging me and allow me to see the full range of human personality and intelligence, no matter how much I will never understand their bitterness and mediocrity. 

I am going to pray for the children, and that they may continue to be the constant and amazing delight that they are!

I hope you like these borders.....my creativity is flowing again - look out 2012!

Note- 7/8/12
(I am currently revising these holly graphics - they will be loaded again very soon)