Are you a clipart set / graphics addict?

I am not sure if you buy as many clipart and graphics sets as I do, but I thought I would share with you a way I keep track of them let's just say I have a few......

I have been buying digital graphics for around 6 years and have bought them from various website with quite a few different rules and requirements for commercial use.

I have a 8"x5" index card file box on my desk, and after many trials of different ways of trying to keep notes of all-things-From the Pond, I have my found my trusty little file box to be the best - with good old fashioned hand-written notes. After my computer has crashed a number of time over the years, my file box has remained faithful.

I keep all sorts of notes in the index box. A list of websites and usernames. A list of products and where I have them for sale. And the most used, a set of cards for my commercial-use graphics collection. I keep track of the names of the sets, the artists, credit requirements and the date I purchased them. it is super quick to jot a note down at the time of purchase, and I usually do this while I am waiting for them to download.

I have a file here to share with you, if you would like something a little fancy to record yours on....or plain old index cards have served me well! Yes, I have to keep an alphabetical list as there are just too many for one card! Download it here.