Click It! Helping Students to "Count-On"

It is Sunday evening here in Australia, and I have that Sunday-night feeling. I just finished my dinner and was about to settle down for a few hours of planning and preparation for the teaching week ahead. Checking my email (I can't help it, so tempting) I found a lovely email from another seller on TpT - Pam from Vintage Teacher. She had sent me a free file as a thank you for giving her a little bit of advice. This was totally unnecessary, but was very very kind of her.

Little did she know that it was EXACTLY what I needed to use tomorrow in my classroom. What great timing!

My little ones have been spending some time learning the very basics of addition - combining two piles of counters and counting them all up. They are all quite good at the basics. I am now in the midst of trying to help them bridge across to the next level - "counting on". That is determining the larger group and using the total of this group to count on with the next group, to find the total. So, if they have five counters and eight counters, they can just say - 8......9, 10, 11, 12, 13 to determine the total. It may seem simple to us, but for little Kinders it can be quite an abstract concept and difficult to grasp. "Think big, count small" I continue to challenge them.

Enter the visual - the dot pattern. I LOVE dot patterns :)

Dot patterns help little ones with addition (and other operations) in math because they can easily visualise them (once they have learned the standard dot patterns) and use these to help their counting-on.

Pam's Click It game will be great for my students as I will be able to clearly show them how to recognise instantly the dot patterns and also count-on from the larger group of dots to find the total. This visual support will help immensely as the language of maths is something that young learners can struggle with. Being able to put this game up on the Smartboard will engage my learners and the interactivity will motivate my students and encourage them to learn the counting-on addition strategy. What a winner - I am so excited about using it :)

If you would like to find the Click It game, follow the link, by clicking on the picture below - thank you so much Pam!

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