Free Graphics/Clipart

I have been playing around with some skills I learned in a night course I took at TAFE last year in educational publishing. I do not profess to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination, so am offering my attempts at clip art and graphics for educational products and resources free at this stage!

The only condition in using them is that you provide a courtesy mention of me being the designer and a short link back to my TpT store.

I started making digital teaching resources for sale back in 2006 and at that stage, searched the Internet far and wide for suitable graphics. In the end I contacted and paid individual graphic designers for commercial-use graphics. I was paying up to $50 for some graphics, and he Australian dollar was very weak, so any graphics I bought overseas, were almost double the cost when converted to the $A. There is so much more variety now, in only five short years and whole sets of graphics available for as little as $1! It is good news.

Please don't laugh at my humble beginnings, I am sure I will improve as I practice more - if only you could see the first teaching resource we made back in 2006, to sell on eBay! Cringe! We all start somewhere :)